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“Working at Sunset House is like Coming Home.” Meet Felice Wolff, Admissions Counselor

“Working at Sunset House is like Coming Home.” Meet Felice Wolff, Admissions Counselor

“[Sunset House] has always been a part of me,” Felice says. Growing up in a community adjacent to Sunset House, Felice was introduced to the work and care provided through the former Sunset House Auxiliary. Her friends’ mothers were active participants in the Auxiliary, and she often found herself helping with various activities. Felice’s first […]

6 Reasons You’re Not Planning For Long-Term Care

Here’s an interesting quandary: while experts estimate that today’s retirees face a 69 percent future risk of needing long-term care, six in 10 middle-aged adults consider themselves unlikely to ever require assistance living their lives. Those numbers indicate that aging adults are overly optimistic about their future living needs—and their confidence is causing many to […]

Tips for Holiday Visits With Elderly Loved Ones

This is a magical time at Sunset Communities, as we watch families reunite to celebrate the holidays. Of course, we also see the stress that the season’s hustle and bustle can cause among our residents. So if you’re planning to visit someone living at Sunset this season—or inviting an elderly loved one to your home […]

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

November is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month, a time for acknowledging all those affected by Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. By attempting to create greater understanding of Alzheimer’s, the goal of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness month is to eliminate the associated stigma that prevents many individuals who experience early symptoms from seeking immediate medical […]