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This is a magical time at Sunset Communities, as we watch families reunite to celebrate the holidays. Of course, we also see the stress that the season’s hustle and bustle can cause among our residents. So if you’re planning to visit someone living at Sunset this season—or inviting an elderly loved one to your home holiday gathering—here are some suggestions for keeping the holidays merry.

The holidays can invoke memories of lost family members and longing for past traditions. As a result, an elderly loved one might seem especially quiet or reserved—or even sad—during a holiday visit. Encourage seniors to share their memories, view old photos with them, and incorporate their favorite traditions into planned celebrations. And help trim their rooms or apartments with their cherished decorations.

For many seniors, large gatherings mean being around relatives they haven’t seen for awhile. Therefore, a big holiday get together can seem overwhelming. Designate one or more familiar faces to stick close by your elderly loved one and to act as a buffer to the noise and commotion. And don’t forget to incorporate some quiet moments into your plans, including time for a quick nap.

When visiting someone at Sunset, join in taking part in the various holiday events we offer. Your presence helps create new holiday traditions you can share together, while encouraging your loved one to stay socially connected with other Sunset residents.

Finally, remember that holidays are a time for spirituality. Attending a Christmas church service can bring seniors comfort and inspiration, and provide a chance to see old friends.

Holiday visits should be enjoyable for everyone involved. Your visits remind loved ones that you care and wish them happiness all year long.

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  1. I like your tip on having someone there to act as a buffer loud noises at the family gathering. Our grandma has dementia and is often sensitive to any loud noises that come with rowdy kids running around the house. I think I’m going to have to be the one that keeps things calm for her.

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